Alacati’s historical record goes back to 1850. At that time, the Ottomans (mainly Greek workers who migrated from nearbye islands and settled in Alacati) established vineyards and developed the winemaking profession.

During the Balkan Wars in 1912-14 and the population exchange aggreement of 1924, the Muslim population living in the Balkans i.e. Bosnia, Albania, Bulgaria and Greece settled in Alacati and the Greek Orthodox population had to migrate to mainland Greece.

Most of the stone houses decorating the narrow streets of Alacati are at least 100 years old. Following the opening of Tas Hotel in 2001, more and more of these houses were bought and restored by people escaping the big cities. The town has been declared a historical site in 2005 and thus the architecture has been preserved.


Dining and Night Life

The restaurants in Alacati vie with each other in offering excellent service and outstanding cuisine from local Turkish fare featuring “mezes” and seafood to continental styles in charming gardens and dining rooms.

Our favorite restaurants are Papazz, Fava, Karina, Agrilia, Asma Yapragi, Kapari Garden, Roka and Fahri's place at the Alacati Fishing Harbour and Marina.


Alacati is located at the “narrow waist” of the Cesme peninsula which has some of the best sandy beaches of the whole country.

To the North, lies the Ilıca Beach of 3 km, the golden-yellow finesand, the shallow and clear sea, the hot water sources that nourish the sea, a temperature that allows swimming from April to the beginning of November.

To the South, lies the Windsurfing clubs and beaches and to the West the Altinkum (i.e.”golden sand”) beaches.


Alacati Herb Festival

The Alaçatı Herb Festival, held for 10 years in April , is a scene of colorful images: the stands sell locally produced herbs and food and is a great attraction nationwide. It is probably the most crowded weekend of Alacati!


Tasting Alaçatı

Tasting Alaçatı is a more sophisticated event where restaurants, hotels, farms, private homes open their doors to visitors for gourmet tastes, chats, events, workshops, music, art, adventurefilled discoveries and new experiences .

The third of the Tasting Alaçatı event will take place on the weekend of 5-6-7 June 2020.

- www.tastingalacati.com



Windsurfing enthusiasts discovered Alaçatı in the 1990s. Today Alaçatı is one of the most important surfing centres in the world. The location is ideal: there is always a steady wind blowing from the land, no waves, the beach is shallow and sandy, very convenient for beginners; while further at the center of the bay the sea is deep and the wind stronger which makes it ideal for advanced surfers.

Two of the windsurfing schools we can recommend are;

ASPC (Alaçatı Windsurfers Paradise Club) www.alacati.info

Çağla Kubat WindSurf School www.caglakubatwindsurf.com


Big Fish

Alacati Big Fish is among the most important fishing tournaments in Europe and promotes "catch-and-let-live" . Last year, approximately 1 ton of fish in the tournament was sent back to the water and brought prizes to the teams.

The Big Fish event will take place on 12-15 September 2019 www.alacatifishing.com


Places to visit around Alacati

Cesme Castle

The Cesme Castle has more than 510 years of history, worth a visit for its architectural structure and its museum.


Ildir (Erythrai)

Erythrai, one of the 12 ion cities, is located 20 km northeast of Çeşme in the village of Ildırı. The word erythrai derives from Erythros, which means "red" in Greek, and is believed to be due to the red color of the land.


Urla: Gastronomy and Urla Vineyard Road

A typical town of Aegean Turkey, Urla is located 45 km east of Alacati and is worth sparing a day to visit its vineyards and charming restaurants .

Our favorite wineries are Urla Sarapcilik

www.urlasarapcilik.com.tr and Urlice www.urlice.com.


Cesme Marina

Cesme Marina, where many yachts are berthed, is also a vibrant and entertaining atmosphere with its chic and peaceful restaurants, cafés, bars and shops. www.cesmemarina.com.tr


Urla Köstem Olive Oil Museum

The Köstem Olive Oil Museum, in Uzunkuyu Village, is the largest olive oil museum complex in the world. It was founded by Dr. Levent Köstem and his wife Guler Köstem. The visitors can see the replica of the oldest olive mill found in Klazomenai

- today’s Urla İskele. www.kzmurla.com


Ephesus Ancient city

Ephesus is located in Selcuk, 150 km from Alacati. Ephesus was one of the 12 ion cities in the Greek period, lived its richest and most spectacular days under the Roman Empire and hosted the early Christians, including Virgin Mary and Saints John and Paul.

Definitely the most important ancient city of our country and one of the world, Ephesus is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.