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Medyada Taş Otel

Het Laatste Nieuws, Belgium, October 2016 

.Zeynep Öziş, de charmante gastvrouw van het butik otel Taş fladdert tussen de tafels, zich er van verzekerend dat alles naar wens verloopt. Ontbijten kan tot elf uur, en in de vooravond serveert ze complimentary tea en meer zelfgebakken cake...


..Dat dit dorp in de internationale pers het nieuwe Bodrum wordt genoemd, had mijn gastvrouw nooit durven te dromen. Zeker niet toen ze een verwaarloosd hoekpand kocht en er in 2001 het Taş Otel opende, het eerste charmehotel van Alaçati. «Vrienden en familie begrepen niet goed wat ik hier, in dit vergeten dorp dat niet eens direct aan zee ligt, kwam zoeken», vertelt Zeynep, tot dan marketing-directeur van een multi - national. «Alaçati was al lang geen bloeiende gemeenschap meer. Op een handvol kite- en windsurfers na, die profiteren van de stevige bries die hier steevast staat, lag het dorp grotendeels in ruïne.»


Res Travel Magazine, Sweden, September 2016



..Här fanns ingenting av det du ser i dag innan vi öppnade”, berättar Yusuf Ozen, receptionisten på Tas Hotel, när han visar mig runt i den lummiga trädgården. Tas Hotel öppnade 2001 och var Alacatis första hotell. I dag är byn den som alla pratar om i Izmir..



Yolculuk Terapisi, Türkiye, Haziran 2016


Taş Otel: Alaçatı demek Taş Otel demek!


Alaçatı’nın ilk butik oteli Taş Otel’e hayat veren Zeynep Öziş, Henkel’deki başarılı kariyer hayatına bir nokta koyarak, Alaçatı’da aldığı eski bir taş evi, o güne kadar kendi kimliğinde biriktirdiği tüm zevk, tat ve beğenileri aktararak bir cennet köşesine dönüştürmüştü...Taş Otel, Alaçatı’nın duyulması ve tercih edilen bir tatil lokasyonu olmasına ön ayak oldu. Alaçatı’nın radara girmesinin yanı sıra doğru bir kimlik kazanması için de çok uğraştı Zeynep. Alaçatı’ya yerleştiği ilk günden itibaren Alaçatı’nın korunarak, dikkatli ve özenle gelişmesi için yoğun emek sarf etti. İşte bu yüzden Alaçatı demek Taş Otel demek!


New York Times, USA, January 2016



Dotted with olive and mastic groves, artichoke fields and vineyards, Cesme is coming into its own as a culinary hot spot thanks to the acclaimed, Noma-inspired Alancha and newer restaurants opened by arrivals from Istanbul and Izmir. In the old Greek village of Alacati, Tas Otel organizes autumn olive harvest outings, and Asma Yapragi, Babushka, Roka Bahce and Fava cook to the season with produce sourced from local growers.In Izmir, at the peninsula’s base, the food tour outfit Culinary Backstreets recently began offering walking tours.


The Australian, Australia, August 2015 


Alacati only took off in the early 2000s when its charm and architectural distinction were recognised by imaginative pioneers such as Zeynep Ozis, hands-on owner of the exquisitely restored Tas Hotel. In these magical surroundings — all shaded gardens, bleached blue shutters, thick stone walls and delightfully cultured interiors — I feel transported to a Provencal country house.

Smoda El Pais, Spain, July 2015

Zeynep Ozis, Tas Otel

(Alacati, Turquia)

El Tas fue el primer hotel de Alacati, en la costa oeste de Turqia, actualmente uno de los lugares mas atractivos y turisticos del pais. << Mi hotel es mi casa; mis huespedes, mis invitados; y el personal, una extension de mi familia. Esta actitud tan positiva se refleja directamente en el bienestar de nuestros clientes y, seguramente, es una de las caracteisticas que diferencia al Tas Otel. Quiero pensar que su exito es el reflejo de mi personalidad>>.

Sus recomendaciones;

<<Admiro mucho los hoteles Oberoi, aunque no sean tan personales. Conozco especialmente de India y Egipto. El equipo humano y la calidad del servicio son impecables>>.

Local Hideways, Netherlands, June 2015

On my quest for Local Hideaways in Turkey I came across Taş Otel in Alaçati. Its owner, Zeynep Öziş, is considered a trendsetter in this town. By establishing the first boutique hotel she played an important part in the development of Alaçati, now one of the most beautiful towns in Turkey.……

Alaçati ….a great town, so quaint and with many beautiful restored buildings, nice little shops, lovely terraces and inviting restaurants…..great Bohemian vibes! And, surprisingly, I don’t encounter a single foreign tourist, only several (very affluent) Turkish tourists. By the way, I am told the summer months are very crowded here, so be sure to visit in the early or late season!

Taş  Otel is also remarkable for its friendly and helpful staff, many of whom have been working here for several years now. They really make the difference and add to the warm and homey atmosphere of the hotel. And what’s more, one of Turkey’s loveliest places is right on the doorstep, offering a lovely change from the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel. Don’t forget to ask the staff for their favourite restaurants! And there is always the azure blue sea…..it’s less than two miles away!


Cosmopolitan, U.K. by Karen Meachen, August 2014

Tas Otel (is) the very first boutique hotel to open in Alacati in 2001. It's a delightful 120-year-old Greek mansion that's been lavished with love and attention and beautifully renovated. The owner, Zeynep Ozis, is famous throughout the town for helping to preserve many of the old stone buildings and positioning Alacati on the 'must-visit' destination map. It's easy to see why - her impeccable taste flows through the hotel.

I stayed in one of the largest rooms located in its own stone cottage at the end of the garden providing immediate access to the pool. It was instant relaxation. Whether it's sunbathing in the garden, eating the Turkish banquet of a breakfast on the courtyard terrace or sipping the homemade lemonade (one word – amazing), all your stresses will disappear.


Volkskrant Magazine, Netherlands, August 2014 

… ‘Ik wil graag een andere kant van Turkije laten zien’, zegt eigenaar Zeynep Oziş in de tuin van haar Taş boetiekhotel.‘Een relaxte kant, van lange zomeravonden met simpel en vers eten.’Ozis zegde haar baan als marketing directeur van de Duitse wasmiddelenfabrikant Henkel op en opende als eerste een hotel in Alacati. ‘Mijn jeugddroom. Ik probeer mijn gasten iets puurs te bieden, een lome zomer in het huis van hun opa.’ Toen Zeynep in 2001 begon, was er maar een restaurants in Alacati. Nu zijn er honderden….


Departures, June 2014

The Mayflower moment for Alaçatı was the 2001 opening of marketing executive Zeynep Öziş’s Taş Otel, a seven-room, light- filled property that helped to define the destination’s breezy but cultured style with heirloom antiques playing off whitewashed walls and bougainvillea- fringed pool.


The Daily Telegraph, Ultra Travel Magazine, Summer 2014


Cool coastal Turkey, finest boutique properties

…What makes Tas Otel special isn’t the trappings of luxury; it’s the authentically Turkish setting (about half the guests are Turkish, too) and the genuinely thoughtful staff. The food is truly indulgent, though. Breakfast is a feast of local flavors that will keep you going until afternoon tea, when an array of complimentary cakes is served with Turkish çay.


Travel and Leisure, May 2014

European Hideways

… . For decades, Alacati lacked a decent place to stay. That all changed when Zeynep Öziş opened the first butique property, Tas Otel in 2001. Scores of handsome Ottoman-era stone houses have now been turned into “butik otels,” though many pale in comparison to Taş’s rustic-chic aesthetic.


The Guardian, January 2014

Holiday hotspots: where to go in 2014

Start planning your 2014 travels with the help of our top 40 destination round-up.

Nr. 7 in the list: Alaçatı and Tas Otel


The Telegraph, January 2014


Twenty destinations for 2014: Alaçatı, Turkey

The town of Alaçatı is now challenging Bodrum for the title of Turkey’s most stylish Aegean resort…..

When the architect Zeynep Öziș restored a handsome stone townhouse and opened it as the eight-room Tas Otel (tasotel.com, double rooms from £80) in 2001, there were few other places to stay in the area, and none nearly as persuasive as Öziș’s country-chic design hotel…..

Lonely Planet, 2011


The acorn from which the mighty oak grew, the Tas, a former olive warehouse at the bottom of the main street, was Alacati’s first boutique hotel. Under the dynamic owner, Zeynep, it’s still setting the standard in its gorgeous rooms overlooking a walled garden and large swimming pool. The seven rooms have an elegant simplicity, with no TVs; the poolside afternoon teas are more lavish, featuring freshly baked cakes.

Mutlu Tönbekici, Mercedes – Benz TürkiyemblogŞubat 2012

Türkiye’ye stil ve gusto getiren kasabaAlaçatı

Kasaba2000’lere kadar miskin miskin yarı metruk yarı harap duruyorduAra sıra (o dasu ve sarımsak almak içinÇeşme’den başka bir yer bilmeyen (ve de bilmek istemeyen)İzmirliler uğruyorduSonra İstanbul’dan bir iki sörf meraklısıbir iki eski ev sever geldi.Kalacak yer bulamadıkları için gittilerZeynep Öziş ise geldi ve kaldıEski bir taş ev aldırestore etti ve Alaçatı’nın ilk otelini açtıAlaçatı Taş OtelEge’nin daha çok öteki tarafındaalışık olduğumuz bir üsluptamavi beyaz, son derece ölçülü feminen bir şıklıkta bir konukevi… Zeynep Öziş’ in buraya yerleşmesikasabanın kaderini hiç umulmayacak bir şekildedeğiştirdiBir kaç yıl sonra benzerleri açılmaya başladıİlk örneklerin hepsi Taş Otel’itaklit ediyorduSonra yavaş yavaş farklı stiller de gelişti ama hepsinin ortak tarafıkasabanın mimari dokusuna uygunneo-Egeli diyebileceğimiz bir stilde olmasıBubakımdan TürkiyeAlaçatı’ya çok şey borçluBana sorarsanız Alaçatıciddi olarak bir okuladdedilmeliSevimli ve tarihi dokusunu korumuş bir köy/kasaba nasıl çirkinleşmedenaksine güzelleşerek iktisadi kalkınmasını yapabilmiştir hem belediyecilik yönünden, hemişletmecilik yönünden incelenmeye değer bir vakaZira Türkiye’de bu çok denendi ama bukadar başarılı bir sonuca hiç ulaşılmadı

Chancing on ÇeşmeDestinasian, October/November 2011

... Our arrival at the Taş Otel in the resort town of Alaçatı does little to dispel this sense of timelessness. A  whitewashed stone house with indigo shutters, the hotel had once been the home of two sisters who kept their  livestock downstairs while their family occupied the second floor. These are the unlikely origins of Alaçatı’s current renaissance as the peninsula’s toniest summer destination. in 2000, Zeynep Öziş, a marketing  executive and keen windsurfer from İzmir, bought the 19th-century house. The renovation required a small army of masons, carpenters, and electricians —and provoked a chorus of skepticism from neighbors. “They thought i was crazy,” Öziş recalls. Ten months later, the town’s first bona fide boutique hotel made its debut.


Competition in the intervening years has reached absurd levels: there are now more than ahundred“butik” hotels in Alaçatı, a community of around 9,000 people year-round. But the eight-room Taş stands out for its homey charm. Warmly greeted by the staff, we’re ushered directly into a cozy library—shelves crammed with art and history books, a crackling fireplace—and served thick slices of homemade apple cake with strong black tea poured into the tulip-shaped glasses ubiquitous in Turkey. Oğlum, a mournful-eyed golden retriever who serves as the hotel’s mascot, pads over to inspect us before settling down on the kilim under our feet. no amount of lemongrass-scented towels and obsequious bowing—the leitmotifs of cookie-cutter hospitality in our home region of Southeast Asia—could match the unaffected welcome we receive here.

    Oğlum is soon followed by Öziş, a petite blonde woman who seems to bustle even while she’s standing still. Showing us a photo book she helped to compile about Alaçatı’s distinctive stone houses and history, she sketches the town’s past for us. As with so many settlements along the Aegean Coast, it’s a tale of banishment and exile amid the slow collapse

of an empire.  ...


 TURKEY- for local delicacies You and your wedding, November 2011

Be prepared to eat – plenty and well – at botique guesthouse Tas Otel. Breakfast untill midday on village breads and bagels, cheeses, honey and homemade jams on the vine-shaded patio then snooze in a hammock in the walled garden until five-ish. That’s when the chefs servet hat day’s freshly baked cake with Turkish tea. With just seven rooms at this 19th century mansion, there are romantic spots a plenty to hide away in, or venture into nearby Alacati, for cafes, cobbled streets and outdoor concerts.

1001 escapes to experience before you die (in the world)


A book by Helen Arnold



912.     A'jia Hotel

913.     Alaçati Tas Otel

      Anatolian Houses
Blue Mosque
916.       Caǧaloǧlu Hamami
917.      Cruise up the Bosphorus Strait
918.      Diving off Bodrum
919.      Harem of the Topkapi Palace
920.      Hot air ballooning over Cappadocia
921.      Huzur Vadisi
922.      Kempinski Ciragan Palace
923.      Rüstem Pasha Mosque
924.      Sumahan on the water
925.      Sunset drinks at Mikla
926.     Walk the Lycian Way
927.     Yediburunlar Lighthouse

Cara, Aer Lingus In-flight Magazine, April/May 2011

The trend for restoring Alacati’s old buildings was sparked by one pioneering hotel, the indescribably beautiful Tas Otel, founded by Zeynep Ozis. After 18 years working in marketing, Zeynep moved to Alacati ahead of the boom and set up a hotel in an old stone building. A founder of the Alacati Preservation Society , her foresight did much to protect the village from the perils of overdevelopment. For her, the unique character comes from the local people- the Balkan immigrants who moved here in the 1920s. “ I am the grandchild of émigrés myself,” she says, and she sees echoes of her grandparents in her neighbours.

For Zeynep, there is so much to make Alacati special: The climate, “ I was barefoot on the beach, suntanning in mid- February… and in  the breezy summers you don’t feel the heat” ; the architecture, “ the village is made of 100 to 150-year-old buildings and I am lucky enough to own an original one”; and the natural beauty, “ people often get stuck on the main street in Alacati, but the surrounding area is so beautiful with its olive groves, vineyards and mastic trees.”


On the radar: Çesme Penisula Conde Nast Traveller, May 2011

The converted Stone houses and lavender-infused gardens of the Turkish fishing village of Alacati have traditionally been the preserve of windsurfers and stylish Istanbulites. But Alaçatı is starting to attract visitors from further afield, who com efor its beachy charm and laid-back simplicity. The classic place tos tay has always been Taş Otel…


The Guardian, 10 April 2010

“Alacati is where Greek workers, brought from the islands by the Ottomans in the late1800s, established vineyards. These all but disappeared in the last century, though new ones are being re-established, along with olive groves and lavender plantations. Come now though for the sandy beach, also a major centre for windsurfers. The Tas Otel (tasotel.com, doubles from €90), which opened in 2001, is a stylish conversion of a Greek mansion with a pool.

The Sunday Times, 23 May 2010

“Ever get the urge just to take off? To find a lovely little hotel, full of character, charm and style, where you can kick back and enjoy a few days of real R&R? We’re not talking your five-star Hiltons or super-swanky Mandarin Orientals here. No vast spas or cavernous meeting rooms. Just small(ish), largely independent bolt holes where the service is personal and the setting is perfect. We do. Often. So we asked our writers to reveal where they go when the urge hits. The result is this guide to the 100 best bolt holes in Europe. Keep it with you and you’ll never be stuck for the perfect getaway again: Tas otelAlacatiCesme Peninsula This intimate little seven-room belter is a restored former Greek merchant house. It sits at one end of the village’s pedestrianised main street, peppered with good restaurants, craft shops and bars, favoured by arty Izmiris. There’s a small pool for summer, a log fire in the lounge for winter and a perpetual homely welcome. Rooms are cosy and uncluttered, with high-quality linen and ultramodern bathrooms.

 Magazine, June 2010

Quaint but not twee. Cute but not cramped. Friendly but not over-friendly. Tas Otel could just be the perfect guesthouse....... Tas Otel has spawned countless imitators, but none quite as effortlessly charming. In fact, it takes hard work to make everyhting just so. The 120-year-old mansion needed total renovation........ Now the whitewashed building looks more like a French chateau, climbing with bougainvillea.

At Home In Turkey, Solvi dos Santos- Berrin Torolsan, Thames and Hudson, 2008

“Alaçatı was not on the map when I came here for the first time in 1992,” Zeynep says, “but I felt somehow at home here, although I don’t know why. Perhaps it was because the way the locals speak reminded me of my grandmother. She was a Turkish émigré from Salonika, and the majority of the villagers here also came from the same area in 1924.” Zeynep returned to Alaçatı some years later and bought a century-old stone house that had belonged to an olive-oil merchant. The renovation took a year. She had no professional training, but used her instinct, and her father’s gift of an old copy od Neufert’s Architects’ Data, supervising the building work on her own. “I was lucky. There are skillful local builders and craftsmen in Alaçatı who stil use the traditional technicques.” She used recycled building materials such as old dressed stone, original wooden shutters and roof tiles. In 2001 Alaçatı’s first hotel opened; Zeynep called it the Taş (Stone) Hotel.

While some friends were worried – and some people were even joking, “ Who is going to stay in a hotel here: the fishermen?” – Zeynep never lost her belief that since she liked the place so much, other people would like to come. Her engaging personality and marketing expertise worked wonders. The Sunday Times listed the Taş Hotel in their top 20 continental hotels. The Italian travel magazine Dove and others have followed suit.Zeynep’s eight rooms are already booked in advance all year round. Little wonder that a cluster of new small hotels have followed in her footsteps, as well as little cafes that serve delicious mastic-flavoured pastries and Turkish coffee, and exquisite shops selling local products such as wines, hand-made olive-oil soaps and embroidered linen.

The olive-oil merchant’s house is located on a street corner with a walled garden and windows on three sides. The ground floor of the house, which was used by the previous owners as an olive-oil depot lined with huge terracotta vessels, serves today as a spacious and welcoming lobby and a library with a log fire and deep sofas, while the living quarters upstairs are transformed into bedrooms that are bright and delightful. Some rooms look down onto the garden, with its small swimming pool shaded by cypresses, honeysuckle, jasmine and plumbago. Others look across the street to neighbouring gardens. The colourscheme, apart from the unplastered stone chimney breasts and plumbago-blue painted shutters, is many shades of white: whitewashed stone walls, white linen chair covers, whitepiqué bedspreads and white muslin curtains. The occasional piece of antique furniture – a chest of drawers Zeynep inherited from her family, an old wardrobe or a little drawing – accentuate this cloud-like atmosphere where Zeynep and her lovely golden retriever welcome guests.

The atmosphere is happy and relaxed, reflecting Zeynep’s way of living. It explains why everyone loves staying in Alaçatı. And thanks to Zeynep, this windy corner of the Aegean has become not only a mecca for sporty windsurfing types, but also a romantic, literary retreat.

TURKISH TREAT 28.07.2008

If Çesme is the Hamptons of Turkey, Alaçati is her up-and-coming little sister. A happy meeting place of many worlds, vineyards, windmills and stone architecture meet long stretches of gorgeous coastline, water sports galore, and (in nearby Çesme) some of Turkey's most happening bars and discos.

During the day, choose from kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, sailing and scuba diving, or for a change of scenery take a boat trip to the nearby islands (Donkey Island, only three miles from Çesme, has beautiful coves and inlets).

We suggest staying at Tas Otel, a charming little hotel which serves a superb breakfast under the vines and has some of the friendliest service we've ever experienced.

One more thing: don't even think of leaving town without trying Çesme's famous mastic flavored ice cream. Worth a trip to Çesme alone.

MilliyetReşat Kutucular, 5 Ocak 2008,

Yaşatarak koruma:

Süha Ersöz/Ürgüp'te Esbelli Evi
Ziya Şimşek/Antalya Çıralı'da Olympos Lodge.,
Timur Schindel/Gaziantep'te Anadolu Evleri..
Sevan ve Müjde Nişanyan/Şirince'de Nişanyan Evleri..
Zeynep Öziş/Alaçatı'da Taş Otel..
Bu isimlerden bazılarını tanıyorumbazılarıyla tanışıklığım yokKimilerinin müşterisioldumkimilerinin methini eşten dosttan dinledimAma bu isimlerin hepsi büyük biralkışı hak ediyor.
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Yukarıdaki isimler böylesi bir iklimde az  becermedilerOlmaz denileniticari olarak çokcazip olmayanı hayata geçirdilerKoruyarak da gelişme olabileceğini somut örneklerlegösterdilerÖrnek alındılartaklit edildilerİyi de olduDokuya uygunluk konusundabulaşıcı bir etki yarattılarKoruma bilincini dürttüler.
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