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Olive Harvest




As every year, we have harvested our olives together with our guests and friends at the end of October  this year.  We have shared our “early harvest, cold pressed, extra virgin” (only with 0,8 % oleic acid content) olive oil.

Our olive grove is only 2 km. away from Tas Otel where we have 200 olive trees  some of which are  more than 200 hundred years old! Our trees also yield   “hurma type” olives which are the only example of their kind in the world: They are edible as they fall from the tree, without processing!


We will again be serving this delicious olive oil to our guests at Tas Otel at our sumptuous breakfast buffet .

Here is the story of our 2012 olive harvest with photographs:

Our olives are just right for early harvesting: Half green, half purple, not yet black... It is so much fun doing it altogether...




In the morning, our tractor is ready to load  all the equipment neccessary for the harvest i.e. the olive crates and our picnic lunch!




We all get on the tractor and take off for Balanbaka, where our olive grove is. After unloading, we start picking the olives.



We have “olive pickers” of all ages!



 Then we hear the call: “Lunch is ready!!!”
Delicious... Picnic in the fields with warm bread, goat’s cheese, eggs, tomatoes , green peppers and fresh picked “hurma” olives (the only olives which you can eat without processing), stuffed green peppers, potato salad, red lentil salad…Mmmmm…




Everyone deserves a  “siesta”  after lunch.




Olive picking continues in the afternoon.




At the end of the day we are tired but happy with our crop J




We quit working at 5 o’clock and return to the hotel for the tea and cake time. Dilek’sspecial cookies for olive harvest are waiting for us.




At night we have our dinner all together.




The next day we load our olives to the pickup and go to the town of Büyük Belen in Manisawhich is famous for  it’s olive groves. You can see the biggest olives and oldest olive trees in town of Büyük Belen.




We take our olives to the Belenna olive press which is  170 km away, but it is well worth the trip: Belenna is a very clean press where the olives are pressed  with utmost care.






The olives are first unloaded and weighed...




Then they are crushed (with their pits and even some leaves) to form a paste, mixed and “decanted” i.e. the solid part is separated from the liquid… To preserve the natural aroma, taste and the nutritional value of the oil, the temperature should not surpass 25 degrees centigrade during this process!




As the last step, the extra virgin olive oil was separated from the “black  water” and we are ready to fill our bottles with our own hands.




The last visit is to the lab where we measure the acidity of our oil. We put the oil, alcohol and a magnet in a beaker and place on the test apparatus:




And happy end: Perfect results, the oleic acid content is 0.8 %, it means our oil is “extra virgin”…
We look forward  to meeting you in our next year olive harvest !

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