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Explore Alaçatı




Alaçati 's historical record goes back to 1850. At that time, the Ottomans (mainly Greek workers which migrated from the nearbye islands) established vineyards, developed the winemaking profession. During the Balkan Wars and the the population exchange of 1924 , the Muslim population living in Bosnia, Albania, Bulgaria and Greece settled in Alaçati while the Greek population had to migrate to mainland Greece, according to the agreement between the two countries.



Most of the stone houses decorating the narrow streets of Alacati are at least 100 years old. The streets are laid out in line with the prevailing breezes, with little exposure to sun. Following the opening of Tas Otel in 2001, more and more of these old houses were bought and restored by people escaping the big cities. The town has been declared a historical site in 2005 and thus the architecture has been preserved.


The windsurfers discovered the Alacati bay in the 1990s and it soon became one of the top spots in the World, now housing many windsurfing clubs and schools. The location is ideal for windsurfing: Continous wind, blowing from the land to the sea, no waves, shallow waters for beginners and deep waters for advanced surfers and a sandy bottom which makes falling fun!!!



Alacati is located at the “narrow waist” of the Cesme peninsula which has some of the best sandy beaches of the whole country. There are numerous options from “beach clubs” which attract the young with their music to tranquil, almost abandoned beaches, all within 3 to 15 km. range.
To the north of Alaçatı, lies the beautiful sandy beach of Ilıca, to the south lie another sandy beach, the Çark beach and the windsurfing clubs. To the west, there are the AltınKum “Golden Sand” beaches.


Dining and Night Life

The restaurants in Alacati vie with each other in offering excellent service and outstanding cuisine from local Turkish fare featuring “ mezes” and seafood to continental styles in charming gardens and dining rooms, accompanied by incomparable Turkish hospitality. Our favorite restaurants are Fahri’nin Yeri and Ferdi Baba at the Alaçatı marina and Asma Yapragi, Agrilia, Roka Bahce, Papazz and Fava.


Alacati buzzes with activity until the early hours of the morning during the summer season (1 June- 15 september), which would be ideal if you like music, dancing and are happy with a few hours of sleep at night!


If you prefer a quiet and  relaxing holiday we suggest the best two periods of our town: Autumn and Spring, when you can also enjoy the beaches and al fresco dinners.

The two best activities in Alacati are “Tasting Alacati” and “Big Fish”- make sure you take a look at these:




 Ephesus is the best preserved classical city of the Eastern Mediterranean, and among the best places in the world enabling one to genuinely 'soak in' the atmosphere of Roman times. The ancient ruins including the Temple of Artemis, the Celsius library, the Basilica of St. John and the House of the Virgin Mary are only an hour and a half from Alacati and we strongly recommend a day trip.

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